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Public release : Sept 25th

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Note: The game is meant to let you play a good or bad guy, however, as of today, there is much more bad guy content, so keep that in mind when you try it.

You are an ambitious businessman in his mid twenties. You are temporarily in charge of the regional branch of an important Electronics company. You have 60 days to make it great again. 

Along the way you're going to meet new people in town.  You will get opportunities to help them, or take advantage of them. Based on your decisions, the outcome can be really different. Be nice or not... it's up to you.

Be warned that if you decide to be an ass, you really are an ass, so don't be offended to be the ass you decided to be :-D

Some of the fetishes you'll find in game:

  • Teen
  • MILF
  • Romance , dating...
  • Voyeurism (peeping, spycam, sneak in...)
  • Blackmail (corruption, coercion...)
  • Sleep (drunk , knocked out...)

Give it a try ! (and keep in mind it's early in the development too :-D)

Please don't hesitate to comment to tell me about bugs / loops / crashes / dead ends you might encounter.

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MAC Workupload - Racaty - Mega - Gofile
PC Workupload - Racaty - Mega - Gofile
Android Workupload - Racaty - Mega - Gofile 


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The Regional Manager 0.0.53 - Android
The Regional Manager 0.0.53 - PC
The Regional Manager 0.0.53 - MAC

Development log


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It's a great game. 10/10. Will there be another update? And if yes, what would be the estimated time of release? Also, how can I update without losing my progress?

Found a work around. fyi Itch downloads have a problem with redirects to ad site. My work around- paid for copy on Itch then downloaded on f95zone via Mega. that seemed to work. looking forward to playing your game

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Thanks a lot, hope you like it. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you encounter any problem or if you want the game guide. (on here f95 or discord).

Have fun!

Paid for your game. redirect to viatepigan.com whenever I try to download, which is an ad site which my virus protection blocks. How do I download this game without involving viatepigan.com?

Deleted post

The new release should be easier to download. Sorry for the delay.

I've been trying to pursue Leah as a romantic option is it possible or am I just not doing it right? Probably not as I am new to game. Still very interesting concept and I'm enjoying game so far. Keep up the good work

In its current state, there isn't much of a romance path with Leah. Most of the content is on a more corruption path.

understand that. Just like the character haha. Would love to see more 

Indeed.  It's got some great moments, some that shine with true brilliance. Leah is fun, but Audrey is my favorite so far, 

cool. Can't wait to get better at game and see more haha

Ya main path for leah, mainly is just to get her drunk and use her that way. Interactions change the more you do so

when you will release the 0.0.49upadted game I'm really waiting for upadate can you tell me when it will release

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He believes his game has potential, and he is interested in playing future updates. 

Some bugs in the game progression: sometimes  it'll just come to a stand still, then continue after an in-game week.  There is an event loop if you decide to back out of Cecilia's photoshoot at the studio making it impossible to progress.  There is a dialog loop when confronting Clair about the affair. 


When are you going to update the game content because I am getting bored doing the same thing over and over again


Sorry to hear that. I'm gonna update the content soon, though you know, this is still an alpha, the new content won't keep you busy forever, if you want more sizeable updates, it would be easier for you to miss a few and then get more content when you're back :-D

Loved the story and great game and art

no matter what I do in the game I am not getting anywhere with


The game is in Alpha and there's only a few characters you can actually have sex with for now, and not on the nice path.

Thanks for the reply, I extracted the file to an external drive and it happened again, I reported it as a false positive so cleared it basically .  So I've taken a leap of faith.  Maybe it's something you need to think about though because in several programs downloaded here this is only the second time this has happened and the first program was much more temporary for some reason.  My program was "Bullguard Internet Security" just so you know

Thank you for your feedback and your leap of faith. I hope that, after going through so much trouble to play it,  you'll get at least some enjoyment out of the game. 

I've downloaded your game twice and attempted to run it three times, every time the characters name part starts my internet security software quarantines the file.  I don't know if you've done anything wrong intentionally or not but how things stand your game is either a huge security risk or has a serious problem.  It seems to be blocked because of file changes it makes in the folder I extract it to

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Out of 7000 downloads here on itch.Io, you're the only one who reported this, so I'm sorry if it doesn't work but I unfortunately have no idea of how to resolve your problem. Try extracting it to a different drive maybe..?

Or try playing with the default character name. 

One of da best games i've ever played..

I love da (Sleeping/Passed out) Content.

You have alot of talent.

I downloaded this for Android.

I really hope there will be another update for it soon.

If so then i'll be paying for more.

Please don't give it up, That game is one of a kind.


Thank you ! :-D

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Second time I've sad this, game will not download in the part where the game size is stated it just a question mark and download will not go any further.  This is on the pc version.


I added new links in the game's description.

Loving the game so far, now that I've downloaded it through Mega, playing on windows pc version, couple of questions, is there any way to look at all the photos I've taken? A gallery tab that I've not found yet? and the store owner Melvin seems to be stuck, I've got his like points up to past 100 but he still won't talk at the conference according to the quest log, he says he will in store with the sunglasses dialog, but then repeats everything whenever I ask him. I have also managed to get locked out of Meredith's room before I gave her the drugged tea, any way of unlocking it? and also where are the lock picks for the RV?

Many thanks for your hard work on an enjoyable game

Hello and thank you for playing the game. To answer your questions :

  • No gallery yet. 
  • If Melvin says he will talk, he should talk at the conference. The quest log may not update properly, I'll look into it.
  • Meredith's room will remain locked when changing, however you can ask her to unlock her if you made her lock the door when she sleeps.
  • The lockpicks were temporarily taken out of the game. They'll make a come back in a future update.

awesome, thanks for the reply, keep up the great work

Hi, just an update, Melvin was up to 200+ happy and said he would talk but didn't show up

Thanks for pointing it out. He said he would talk about what ?

said he would talk at the conference

New version now has error when you are driving to meet the sister not allowing you to progress without rollback. Is that a known issue? It worked in last version. 

Great updates otherwise and looking forward to stories around the college characters.


I didn't know about it, I'll look into it, thanks for pointing it out!

Glad to help. One more issue is that Claire's choices at pool for cheating Sam came super early and now after they did cheat Claire has nothing to say in pool. So that story has stalled out completely. 

Awesome game. 

How can I go on the Date with Lara??? 

Please Help

I don't think it will actually happen. If you miss it, she brings it up in text again the next week. Thought the agreed upon meeting site was in front of the office building, but she's never there at 8pm on a Friday.

It's not in the game yet. Out of curiosity, what kind of date are you expecting 

Like a normal date and afterwards some action

Thank you so much I had a lot of fun playing this game !

Unable to download the PC version.

Unable to download PC version, shame looks promising 


Great game so far. Couple of issues making it difficult to progress on Android mobile.

1. Can't find the date with Lara.

2. It dead ends unless Rollback at Artemis Truck.

3. When I click on Community College it freezes on Skipping....

Can't install this it just has a ? where your file size is and won't install when I attempt to do so 

Seems pretty decent. I play on PC, menu has a bit of lag to selections. Also getting an error trying to talk to Andrea about the Warehouse night activity.. This pops up in Traceback:

File "game/speech-andrea.rpy", line 1378, in <module>
TypeError: set_status() takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)


Thank you for reporting this. I fixed it for next release.

Deleted 31 days ago

Indeed, I am still working on the journal (It had like 3 lines in 0.0.1...) . Sorry about the dead ends. This is still a very early version and I somehow forgot to signal some dead ends and unfinished content (Like Lara's date, which she can agree to, but that you can't play yet.)

Deleted 31 days ago

I downloaded Android lots of file missing errors.

Such as I can't take the package.

Visit my secretary at home.

Visiting Leah at night checking.

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Thank you for pointing out these. The game can't load some jpgs for some reason, I fixed many but couldn't find them all... I found and fixed the ones your pointed out. It will work with next release...In the meantime, you can click ignore for some and still progress (Like for Leah).

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I cliked ignore but not working still.

I shall try ignoring more times will point out other errors if found out.Hope to play debugged version soon.

Deleted 1 year ago

I want to try it but somehow it went from an hour download to 38hr download soo... Yeah imma bookmark it and wait


Fun. Very well written. I'm hoping to see this develop!

Sadly the windows download is super slow... 6-7 hours to download it.

I changed the links.